Head Gear

Shinji was first seen with this newsboy cap both in the manga and the anime. I've seen two newsboy cap so far, one that's plain dirty khaki and this one in the picture. There are also times that he is not wearing those hat especially when he is donning his hollow mask.

He looks even cooler when wearing this newsboy cap, it covers the round shape of his head and the straight cut of his bangs. Besides, pairing this kind of cap with a tie and a coat is really something. ^o^


These accessories (a wrist band on his right hand, and a bracelet and a watch on his left) can only be seen in the manga. I don't remember seeing Shinji wearing those in the anime especially the first time he showed up floating in the air upside-down. XD These accessories are pretty cool though, he really looks like a teenage music enthusiast so I really do like them.

Shinji also has a pierced round ring in the middle of his tongue. With these, I kind of thinking that he has been influenced by the modern time so badly hahah.


This is actually the normal uniform of the Karakura High. Shinji wore this uniform when he entered the school, pretending to be a student just to get close to Ichigo and get the chance to recruit him to join the Vizard until he say yes. What a cunning transferee though?

Shinji suddenly disappeared from the Karakura High scene after his and Hiyori's encounter with Orihime and Chad. The next time he appeared was when Ichigo finally looked for him to help him control his inner hollow and viola, Shinji is a fashion trend! He prefers a formal attire and this fashion style suits him well (with his pair of sneakers). XD

His nth appearance, when he helped Ichigo to fight Grimmjow because Ichigo can no longer use his hollowfication, Shinji is wearing a grey coat that falls down to his knees.


The picture is grayscaled but that pair of shoes is a pair of dark green sneakers. It's the first pair seen in the manga and in the anime. I believe he got another pair, which is a pointed pair of shoes with an inch heels I think (or maybe it is one and a half inches?) and I think it's leather with laces.