Alright! Here are the lists of quotes that I love hearing from Shinji; in English of course. Roger Craig Smith really pulled off the comical character of Shinji.

  • To newly appointed captain Kisuke Urahara:
    "I hate to talk like I'm better'n you or whatever, but I'd like to just give you a little tip, as a guy who's had a little experience at this job. When ya find yourself in a position of command, even if ya sympathize with 'em, ya can't be too sensitive to your subordinates' feelings. You do things how you wanna do 'em. An' if doin' it your own way doesn't work out, then that just means the job ain't for you."

  • To Ochi Misato:
    "Pretty good, huh? Doing things in reverse is my specialty."
    - This is where I got the layout's tagline.

  • To Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez:
    "I swear. I really don't like gettin' involved in Shinigami fights. Oh well. When you hear the sound of fighting so close by you can't just ignore it."

    "Can't ya hold back a little while you're fighting? If I dodge an attack and the city gets destroyed bit by bit instead, then I can't just ignore it and keep dodging."

  • Before leaving to fight in the war:
    "I remember what Urahara said. 'I made no miscalculations. That was my greatest miscalculation of all.' And just like he predicted, the worst-case scenario came to pass. Man, we sure owe a lot to them. To Urahara, and also to Aizen, an' all. Let's go."

  • To Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto:
    "Can't say I've got much to settle with you. Although I do kinda wish you guys hadn't gone an' set up that crazy strong barrier before you started fightin'!"

    After being asked if the Visored were on the Shinigami's side:
    "Well, ain't the answer to that freakin' obvious? Not a chance. We ain't your allies or nothin'. We're just Aizen's enemies. Oh, an' we're also Ichigo's allies."

  • To Komamura Sajin:
    "You sure 'bout that? Jumpin' in to help a bunch of total unknowns like us? Well, not that I'm quite sure what the heck you are either."

  • To Sousuke Aizen:
    "Up, down, left, right, back, front, the directions the damage is comin' from... do you really think you can wrap your head around fightin' with them all flipped around? Not a chance. Ain't no-one can do that. The stronger a guy is, the more used to battle he gets... the more naturally his body reacts to exactly what it sees!!"

  • To Ichigo Kurosaki:
    (Groans) "Maybe you're not aware of it, but THAT really hurts!"

    "You and I both know that a hottie like that is never gonna give you a time of day, right?"

    "Well now that's a stupid question. What do you think I'm doing? I'm a student and I have to go to school."

  • To Hiyori Sarugaki:
    "Aaarrggghhh!!! Stop that! You'll give me diarrhea! You're worst than drinking water in a foreign country!"

  • To Hachigen Ushoda:
    "Don't 'huwhaaattt' me... you're standing there with your mouth open looking like you're trying to catch flies."
    - I love the way how Shinji imitates Hachi's "huwhaaattt" in this phrase when he asked Hachi to also put up a force field.

  • To Mashiro Kuna:
    "Don't pick up things if you don't know what they are!"
    - Shinji's tone in this phrase is funny; you can't tell if he's asking or just shocked. XD