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Why Shinji?

"I have no Earthly idea. But I will give you my best shot!"

Well, when I first saw Shinji in the scene where he's watching Ichigo fighting a hollow, I was like "Holy shiz, he's upside-down!" I honestly like characters who not just elevate in the air but also floats upside-down. Second from this first encounter is his evil grin showing off his upper detailed teeth, not to mention only a few anime/manga characters shows off their detailed teeth when grinning. XD Third, his sense of fashion—you wouldn't expect a former Shinigami captain who probably lived some eons ago to dress up like a CEO with a hint of being a punk. And the very thing that made me love Shinji is his comical characteristics; that includes his facial expressions, his words, his tone, and the fact that he's good at hitting punch lines. Aside from it, his calming attitude even when he's annoyed and how he turns quite serious when situations calls for it.

Shinji is not a bishounen, he's miles away from being there but I don't care. XD The reason why I love Shinji is because he's humorous, comical and devious although he appears somewhat mysterious. I also like how Hiyori beats him up senseless, (e.g. making Shinji her shield from the flying homemade treadmill, slapping Shinji with one of her sandals, kicking his ass, and to name a few).

One more thing, Shinji is a BLOND! I find blond-comical-characters very intriguing and Shinji fits the picture. I might be a fool to blond male characters but I am actually picky about it *glares*. If there is something I don't like about Shinji, that would probably be his brown eyes. I am not a big fan of brown eyes since it's very common here in the country where I grew up. So, by doing some experiment, I changed Shinji's eyes into blue just to see how does he look in blue eyes. I think blue eyes fits him well, but we can no longer change his eye color from brown to blue hahah! Just drool over...