Turn the Pendulum

My, my... Here we are looking back at the old memories I've shared with you here in Frivolous. This is where all the happenings can be found until the last drop of my caffeine and the last cube of my sugar.

2014 Updates

02.15.2014 Got Shinji his own personal domain name.
02.14.2014 First set of icons has been added.
02.01.2014 Application has been approved to run the fanlisting.

2013 Updates

04.03.2013 Shinji Hirako and Multimedia pages has been refurnished.
01.03.2013 The B/W emoticon set has been added, button links has been updated.
28.02.2013 The colored emoticon set has been added.
26.02.2013 The shrine's layout has been revamped into a much more different creation, site name has been changed to Frivolous.

2009 Updates

21.02.2009 Alas! TOaST is now officially online. Online but empty! XD
20.02.2009 I've finally finished designing the first version of TOaST, entitled as Drink Up. Careful with the light colors, I know some people might not like the lightness.