Need something to spice up your blog? A set of 17 free to download emoticons (colored and B/W) are waiting for you. I really love these emoticons of Shinji that I've made with all my heart. It's not really difficult to make a version of your favorite character, but it calls up for a lot of patience and patience, and did I happen to mention PATIENCE? I wouldn't have done it without MS Paint, yes I've made the pixels manually.

These small cute things we called smilies or emoticons are linkware. You are allowed to use them anywhere in any way you please as long as you give me proper credit. You must provide a link back to Frivolous (http://www.shinji-hirako.tk) on your website/blog. Make sure that the link is not placed on a forsaken spot on your site where visitors can no longer see it.

Terms of Use

  1. DO NOT edit these emoticons.
  2. DO NOT claim them as your own.
  3. DO NOT alter any of these emoticons.
  4. DO NOT reproduce them unless Frivolous is down, you can as long as it's the original .zip file.


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